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With the 'Devil's true identity kind of up in the air (at least, the last time I read one), what's the plan if he turns out to be someone other than Bart Hill? Most of the links are to Death Defying 'Devil, which is a good thing, since it reduces any potential changes. Just thought I'd throw it out for discussion. I think at this point, anything about the 'Devil should link to Death Defying 'Devil rather than directly to Bart, just to make any potential future changes easier. Anyone??

Roygbiv666 -- Roygbiv666.jpg 16:45, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

We'll need a page for Bart as well even if he isn't the 'Devil since he has also appeared in the series. But I agree with you we need a back up plan if he does appear to be someone else. I say once we know his identity we can create a new page for him if needed. - Crimsoncrusader

I agree that if 'Devil turns out to be someone other than Bart Hill we can make a new page then. If the Marvel Database had existed prior to the Spider-Clone revelation, or the ret-con of the 1950's Captain America comics? New pages. We have no proof 'Devil isn't Bart at this point, so I think we can assume he is until it's proven otherwise.--Madmikeyd 23:49, January 6, 2010 (UTC)